Welcome to our website “Yavas-Yavas!”

In our fast paced world…we need a change in mindset. The phrase Yavas-yavas is Turkish for “slowly-slowly” We need to slow down our life.  This is so much easier said than done.   This website has resources that help us to slow down.  The first resource is the name. When you say Yavas-Yavas, put both hands out in front of you, palms down and move your palms to the earth about 4 inches and back up again with each utterance of the words. Yavas-Yavas (your hands should move down and then up with each word)Try it. Yavas-Yavas. It can be helpful to do this  as a way to catch your breath and settle your mind before your next activity.

We are not going to microwave life. It steals the flavor. We aren’t going go shorten the name Yavas-Yavas, to Yavas squared, or just Yavas. Every time we say it, we put our hands out, palms down, and say it fully. Yavas-Yavas.

Slow down and Listen to what your body is saying because it is trying to speak. It will warn you before the disaster happens, every time.  Example, if you are a smoker, your body might be trying to speak to you when your heart is racing, you have headaches hypertension and  even  kidney problems .  It’s all just one message, they are all related…you are poisoning your body and it’s crying out for you to stop. Yavas-Yavas.

We don’t mean to pick on just people who smoke…people who eat too much…your body is talking to you…what is it saying? Do you feel bloated, are your clothes too tight?  Are your blood levels out of wack? Do you have a high stress job or family life? Do you like the person you see in the mirror?.what is your body saying? It goes on and on. We need to slow down, listen to our body and make some changes…Yavas-Yavas!